Аренда квартиры посуточно Львов. Хостелы во Львове

Rent apartments and hostels in Lviv easily!

Rent apartments in Lviv is the best option of temporary residence - a good alternative to hotels. Each apartment is fully equipped apartments are located mainly in the center of Lviv and other areas - check with the operator the location you are interested in an apartment or guided by a map which is in each tab with the description of the apartment. We are waiting for you in Lviv!

Art hostel


Plosha Rynok house 3 (central area)

Хостел имеет четыре номера: один 10-местный, два 6-местных и один 2-местный. Стоимость от 85 грн (8€) за одно спальное место. Подробнее...

The George Hostel


Устияновича 8

Что такое хостел? «Дешевое жилье» - ответит большинство бывалых туристов ... И они будут правы лишь отчасти ... Стоимость от 70грн за одно спальное место...Подробнее...
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hostels in lviv
What is a Hostel?
Хостелы - hostels in lviv

Hostel -  youth hotel with several rooms, which can live from two to 12-16 people. You can rent an entire room (for example if you travel wiht friends), or one bed (in which case you will live in a room with other guests).

Art hostel in Lviv ploshcha Rynok house 3 apartment 4
Хостелы - hostels in lviv

If you are going to Lviv to see the historical sights of the city, our "Art Hostel", what is located at ploshcha Rynok  (Market Square) house 3 apartment 4, for you.


The Georgehouse Hostel
Хостелы - hostels in lviv
Modern apartments - Apartments and hostels in Lviv Ukraine. Unfortunately, translation not available for this article yet. Апартаменти модерн - подобова оренда квартир та хостелів у Львові. Нажаль, переклад для цієї статті ще не готовий...Спробуйте іншими мовами, наприклад - російською.
Leo City Hostel in Lviv Ukraina
Хостелы - hostels in lviv
There are no translation, you can read about hostel in russian or ukrainian. Just select other language on the top and right menu.
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Аренда квартиры посуточно Львов. Хостелы во Львове