Аренда квартиры посуточно Львов. Хостелы во Львове

Rent apartments and hostels in Lviv easily!

"The hardest thing in the world - is to think of his own head. That is probably why so few people are engaged in ". Henry Ford, founder of the car company «Ford Motors».  In our private apartments and flats for rent in Lviv seems fine, especially after walking through a beautiful saturated Lviv.

Art hostel


Plosha Rynok house 3 (central area)

Хостел имеет четыре номера: один 10-местный, два 6-местных и один 2-местный. Стоимость от 85 грн (8€) за одно спальное место. Подробнее...

The George Hostel


Устияновича 8

Что такое хостел? «Дешевое жилье» - ответит большинство бывалых туристов ... И они будут правы лишь отчасти ... Стоимость от 70грн за одно спальное место...Подробнее...
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hostels in lviv
What is a Hostel?
Хостелы - hostels in lviv

Hostel -  youth hotel with several rooms, which can live from two to 12-16 people. You can rent an entire room (for example if you travel wiht friends), or one bed (in which case you will live in a room with other guests).

Art hostel in Lviv ploshcha Rynok house 3 apartment 4
Хостелы - hostels in lviv

If you are going to Lviv to see the historical sights of the city, our "Art Hostel", what is located at ploshcha Rynok  (Market Square) house 3 apartment 4, for you.


The Georgehouse Hostel
Хостелы - hostels in lviv
Modern apartments - Apartments and hostels in Lviv Ukraine. Unfortunately, translation not available for this article yet. Апартаменти модерн - подобова оренда квартир та хостелів у Львові. Нажаль, переклад для цієї статті ще не готовий...Спробуйте іншими мовами, наприклад - російською.
Leo City Hostel in Lviv Ukraina
Хостелы - hostels in lviv
There are no translation, you can read about hostel in russian or ukrainian. Just select other language on the top and right menu.
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Аренда квартиры посуточно Львов. Хостелы во Львове