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Dear guests! Rent apartments in Lviv on May Holidays! For the period from 28.04.2012 to 09.05.2012 has double prices for all apartments and hostels. Accepted an order from the three days! Make a comfortable vacation in Lvov in advance, most of the apartments are already booked!
International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art

Dates 23.07.2013 from 00:00 - 00:00 on 28.07.2013

Place of Lviv, Ukraine

23-28 July 2013 in Lviv on 6 International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art. The motto of this year's festival - "The universe is not made up of atoms, it consists of short stories." The contest received Wiz-Art 1457 films from 39 countries, among which were selected the best 20 of them will be included in the competition program of the festival. During the entire period of the festival audience will be able to see 110 short films.

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Аренда квартиры посуточно Львов. Хостелы во Львове