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Rent apartments in Lviv is the best option of temporary residence - a good alternative to hotels. Each apartment is fully equipped apartments are located mainly in the center of Lviv and other areas - check with the operator the location you are interested in an apartment or guided by a map which is in each tab with the description of the apartment. We are waiting for you in Lviv!
apartments in Lviv Частные квартиры посуточно во Львове - правила проживания
Правила проживания в квартирах Львова
В этой категории собрана информация о том, каких правил должны придерживаться гости Львова, при проживании в квартирах посуточно.

Conditions of stay guests in apartments and hostels
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Apartment for rent in Lviv, hostels in the city center

1. Check in time in the apartment starts from 12.00 (GMT + 02:00 Lviv, Kiev, Athens, Helsinki, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Kaliningrad), this does not mean that you have to move into an apartment at exactly 12:00, it means - at any time convenient for you after 12-00. If you want to live in an apartment before, it is possible but must be agreed with the coordinator prior to booking.

2. Check out from the apartment ends at 11.00 (GMT + 02:00).

3. Please note that smoking is only permitted on the balcony to smoke inside the apartment is strictly prohibited! Think of those who come after you! Always take the opportunity to go to the balcony or on the street.

4. Before leaving the apartment, check please, whether off gas, water, lights and all electrical appliances and windows are closed during the heating season! Resources of the planet (and ours too) is not limitless!

5. Please refer to the property if it's yours! And if you have something out of order, do not rush to repair yourself, let your coordinator!

6. Please observe the rules of conduct in apartment buildings. If you have a holiday, all the neighbors do not have to know about it! Also, we do not welcome the choral performance of folk songs after 9:00 pm as well, and up to 9-00 Smile, for that Lviv has other convenient places, such as Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre and Organ Hall, well, at least Kryivka. Try to hone his vocal skills at first there ...

7. If you have any comments or suggestions about the apartment you live or service personnel you, tell your coordinator! We would appreciate your feedback, this will allow us to improve the quality of service.

hope you will spend unforgettable time in Lviv, in a good way :), and in our apartment you will feel most at home.

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Аренда квартиры посуточно Львов. Хостелы во Львове